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Kootenay Street Creative

  • Kootenay Street creative is a home-bases business offering print & jewelry design for special occasions and events.

    Weddings, prom, graduation, birthdays, anniversaries & reunions are just a few examples of celebrations that encompass large and small details from personalized to practical. The essential esthetics and elements of print design and jewelry design all contribute to the magic of every special event. Kootenay Street Creative combines these elements to create everlasting impressions for those milestone moments.

    Some of the services we offer incorporate cohesive design elements onto
    tshirts, buttons, labels and more including but not limited to:
    – custom jewelry
    – postcards, invitations & announcements
    – place cards
    – event ticket design
    – logo design
    – menu design
    – mobile bartending
    – event assistance

    Please contact me for an introductory rate.


    Sarah Rousselle