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Passmore Poultry Pluckers Inc.

  • Passmore Pluckers is the area’s only licenced poultry abattoir. Owner Judi Morton says, “We have a great crew who take pride in our convenient and humane service. We have updated our website with tips for commercial producers and back-yard hobbyists alike (” The site also has the schedule, booking instructions and prices.
    The abattoir supports development of sustainable farming. Locally‐raised poultry can be profitable. Chicken processed in our licenced facility can be sold legally to a wholesaler or direct to retailers, restaurants or consumers. Every bird processed in our abattoir is examined by a government inspector.
    The abattoir is located in the Slocan Valley so poultry travel less than two hours from anywhere in the West Kootenay. Considerate treatment of the birds is important for us. Short travel distances are best for the birds. Most go from the producer’s farm to the customer on the same day. We help producers plan their processing schedule to get the optimum value from the birds and create a safe delicious product.
    When you order your chicks, contact us to book your slaughter date.


    By appointment. When you order your chicks, phone us to book a slaughter date.




    4038 Woykin Road

    Slocan Park BC V0G2E0

    Mailing Address

    Box 27 Slocan Park BC

    Slocan Park BC V0G2E0