Slocan Valley logo Respecting Our Environment

In the Slocan Valley we respect our environment and we expect the same of others. This means we:

  • Leave only footprints and take only memories,
  • Pack out what we take in, and pick up what others haven’t,
  • Minimize the impact of feet, tires and boat propellers,
  • Stay on the trails below the tree line and minimise footprints on fragile alpine,
  • As a general rule, never pick wildflowers. If you are interested in wild plants, there are many knowledgeable herbalists in the area that can take you on a nature walk, let you what is endangered and what is invasive, and some may even have some samples for you. Consult the Valley Directory under Agriculture & Gardening or Healing.
  • Respect wild animals by not attracting them to human food & garbage; stay out of their feeding and breeding grounds at critical times of the year; inform ourselves about our wild friends; and take appropriate precautions so they don’t have to be destroyed because of our actions
  • Dispose of human waste in the proper manner
  • Minimise the use of motorised vehicles in the backcountry and stay on designated roads.
  • Never litter and respect private property.
  • Obey no-burn regulations and where and when fires are permitted, put campfires out fully before leaving.