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Mountain and Road biking is a popular sport in the Slocan Valley.

The Kootenays has some of the best mountain bike terrain and trails in the world and the Slocan Valley is no exception. There are hundreds of miles of old logging and mining roads – some are deactivated. The Lemon Creek area has some especially good trails for fatty tires.

New Denver is a hub of converted rail beds such as the Galena Trail – popular with hikers and cyclists alike.

You can cycle north of New Denver along the lake or head east to the upper elevations of the famous Sandon ghost town. The cycle up to Idaho peak is a bit of a puffer (6000 feet) and a heart stopper on the way down.

Road biking the Slocan Valley has been popular with tour companies because of the beauty and relatively uncrowded highways. You do have to watch for logging trucks as the road can be somewhat narrow in places.
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