Slocan Valley logo Commission Member Information

The Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission (SVEDC) was established by the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) with a Bylaw passed in 1990, amended in 2001.

The Commission is a blend of elected and appointed individuals who work towards economic development in the Area H region of Summit Lake to South Slocan including the Villages of New Denver, Silverton and Slocan.

RDCK Commission Handbook[1]11-09-06

Current standing Commissioners:

  • Leah Main- Chair, Director, Silverton
  • Ann Bunka, Director, New Denver
  • Jessica Lunn, Director, Slocan
  • Walter Popoff, Director, Area H
  • Nadine Raynolds, New Denver
  • Barb Fuhrer, Silverton
  • Corrie Traenenberg, Slocan
  • William Anderson, Area H
  • Leonard Block, Area H
  • Jonathan Buttle, Area H
  • Walter Swetlishoff, Area H