The Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission (SVEDC) endeavours to serve communities in the Slocan Valley through programs and activities which are beneficial to positive economic growth and development.

The SVEDC is an RDCK-regulated body representing Area H, Slocan, Silverton, and New Denver, covering the area from Summit Lake to South Slocan.

Our Bylaws are included here.

Past projects include funding research for broadband internet service, assistance to the Slocan Lake Chamber of Commerce, the Slocan Valley Food Guide, a Community Directory, the creation of our website, and many locally initiated projects.

The Commission consists of eleven members who are residents of the area. The Commissioners are a blend of appointed interested individuals and four elected Directors of the RDCK board representing the three Villages and Area H. Meetings are held quarterly, and are open to the public.

Please contact for a current schedule of meetings.