Our Unique communities

The distinct historical origins of each community in the Slocan Valley have shaped what they are today. Each community has its own flavour and character, and are home to friendly and closely-tied residents.

The Slocan Valley is comprised of three municipalities in the north: New Denver, Silverton and the Village of Slocan, and roughly 18 other unincorporated communities in Area H of the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK).

In the south end of the Valley, communities like Crescent Valley, Slocan Park and Winlaw offer a variety of services for  locals and visitors.

Before the spectacular Highway 6 was blasted through a steep rocky bluff north of Slocan Village — there was a significant physical (and cultural) separation between the north and south valley. But today, it’s a subtle cultural distinction.

Now, the Slocan Valley communities make up one tightly-knit Valley where time slows down, life is enjoyed outside the lines and our unique way of living is celebrated.

Take a journey through the Valley and explore what each community has to offer.

Slocan Village, BC