A Great Place to Horse Around

Although it may not look exactly like Kentucky horse country here, it’s surprising how many people in the Slocan Valley keep a horse, or two, or three. Farriers are booked weeks in advance and a common conversation topic is, “Where’d you get your hay from?”

With all the old logging roads and paths through the bushes, you don’t have to go far to find a trail you’d love to discover on horseback.

The Slocan Valley Rail Trail, which runs along the Slocan River, is a good place to take your “hay burner”. The trail has been bedded and groomed by the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society and is lovely horse footing.

Horses and riders that are used to traveling on roads and encountering cars, wildlife, domestic animals, the occasional dirt bike, skidoo or logging truck, do just fine here.

If you want more information about ‘horsing around’ in the Valley, contact the Slocan Valley Outriders – a club where horse lovers share their equine passion, and coordinate equine play-days, clinics, and trail rides. For more information contact Tammy Steen or visit the Slocan Valley Outriders profile page in the Community Organizations section of the Valley Directory.