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Slocan Valley British Columbia

So, where is this mythical Slocan Valley, and how do I get there?

The Slocan Valley is in the Kootenay / BC Rockies region of south-eastern British Columbia, in western Canada.

Check out the interactive map of the Slocan Valley. For a printable, black and white version of the map, click here – 600KB PDF File.

By road

Remember that on the main highway you’ll be driving well paved and scenic roads with little traffic. Why rush? Although seemingly isolated, the Slocan Valley is easy to drive from the following:

both Nelson and Castlegar are a short 20 km (12 mile) drive from the southern end of the valley
equal distance by road between Calgary and Vancouver. Calgary is 650 km (400 miles) to the east, and Vancouver is 650 km (400 miles) to the west. About 7 hours from both
60 km (36 miles) to 90 km (54 miles) north of the U.S. border, depending which road you choose. An hour to hour and a half drive.
250 km (150 miles) north of Spokane, Washington. A 3 to 4 hour drive.
the Trans-Canada highway is about 110 km (66 miles) north of the northern-most part of the Slocan Valley. A hour or so, plus a short and free ferry ride
Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley are about 250 km (150 miles) to the west. 3 hours or so, plus a scenic and free ferry ride

Up to date road conditions can be found at

Need a ride or offering a ride ? Check out the Kootenay Rideshare
If you plan on an extended visit, you may want to consider buying a used car in Vancouver or Calgary and resell it before you leave. Check out the Buy & Sell

By air

Air Canada provides daily services from both Calgary and Vancouver to Castlegar, the nearest commercial airport. The flights are only about an hour long from either city. And car rentals are available at Castlegar airport.

Spokane, Washington airport is served by a number of US carriers. Car rentals are available for the 3 to 4 hour drive through Customs to the Slocan Valley.

Airport Shuttles:

Kootenay Shuttle or Go Wild Tours provides shuttle service to Spokane and Castlegar airports to the south end of the valley (where you can then take regional transit or hitch a ride) and then onto Nelson. Inquire at the Castlegar airport when you land. Pre-booking these shuttles is always a good idea.

By bus

Greyhound Canada can get you as far as Nelson, Castlegar or Revelstoke from virtually anywhere in North America. There is no Greyhound service to or from the Valley. Nelson / Slocan Valley Regional Transit runs a service from Nelson through the Valley. Click here for schedule and fares.

No matter how you get here, you will be happy that you did. So, come stay with us a day, a week or forever.

By train

Trains were an important part of the Slocan Valley heritage. However, now with the improved roads and trucking industry, the railways have been closed and the rail beds are deactivated, and turned into a network of hiking, biking, and cross-country ski trails.

The nearest trains stop at Revelstoke BC, Kamloops BC or Spokane Washington (USA).

For cross Canada rail service contact VIA Rail – Toll Free 1-888-842-7245

For service from Vancouver to Jasper, Banff and Calgary contact Rocky Mountain Railtours – Toll Free 1-800-665-7245

From the US to Vancouver contact Amtrak – Toll Free 1-800-872-7245,