The Slocan Valley is home to a variety of animals and birds.

It is not uncommon for travellers to encounter the more usual fare such as black bears, mule and whitetail deer, grouse, wild turkey, scissor beaks, turkey vultures, cedar waxwings, great blue herons, woodpeckers of all sorts, and golden and bald eagles.

Deer and elk are a real concern for collisions with vehicles – especially at dusk, dawn and night. Slow down and keep your eyes alert.

Hikes into the backcountry can net you a glimpse of some signs of our more elusive creatures like grizzlies, cougars, mountain caribou, lynx, mountain goats, pikas, and marmots.

Bird watching is a popular activity here. A special day can be had in the wetlands at the south end Slocan Lake just where it dumps into the Slocan River. Pop a canoe in for a day and bring lots of film!

We can’t mention wild animals without mentioning bear awareness. Bears live in every part of our valley. They are a part of our community. Both blacks and grizzlies live here. If you are not familiar with living with bears, please read these excellent sites about bear awareness.

Bear Awareness BC

Bear Smart

Learn how to ‘bare proof’ your campsite and avoid bear encounters and what to do if you encounter a bear. Knowing how to live with bears will prevent the death of bears, or worse…an injury to you.