Crescent Valley is the most noticeable community in the southern Slocan Valley.

Here, a bend in the river skirts right against the road at a beautiful beach frequented by the locals. White-water paddlers of all abilities will enjoy the Class 1, 11, and 111 rapids just downstream of the beach. The beach is on private land and all the locals use it. A good place to sunbath, swim or play in a rented (or your own) kayak. Stock up on gas, food and fun here.

Services in Crescent Valley include a large natural food store, a paddling outfitter and tour operator, a campground on the upper bench, a couple of restaurants offering tasty healthful fare, and a gas station/convenience store.

Crescent Valley , like other Slocan Valley communities, has some Russian roots. The Doukhobor leader Peter Vasiliyevitch “Lordly” Verigin bought significant community landholdings here.

In the first decade of the 20th Century, Crescent Valley was home to the first real farms in the valley with the Bourgeois and Kosiancics families plying the earth.

Two of Crescent Valley’s more famous residents were the famous hockey playing Patrick brothers. Also hockey innovators, Lester “The Silver Fox” Patrick and his brother Frank, pioneered the construction of Canada’s first artificial rinks and formed the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. They also owned the Patrick Lumber Co.’s sawmill located in their pastoral their hometown.

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