Slocan Park is another small, unincorporated Slocan Valley town. Here the narrow valley bottom flattens out and widens. Slocan Park’s arable and reasonable flat land made it an attractive spot for the Doukhobors to settle, and like many other places in the valley, the nameplates on gates bespeak the heritage of its residents.

Slocan Park’s amenities include a grocery, liquor, gas and animal feed store cooperative which was originally formed by a Doukhobor collective.

There is also an automotive garage, a medical clinic, a coffee bar and curio store, a convenience & video store, and a few bed and breakfasts.

At the north end of Slocan Park is a one-lane bridge over the Slocan River and a good place to park and access the old rail bed for a nice walk along the river. Locals use this deactivated rail bed, which runs nearly the entire length of the valley to walk their dogs, cross-country ski, mountain bike and ride horses. The Slocan Valley Rail Trail society has turned this defunct railbed into a proper recreation trail, similar to the famed Kettle Valley Railway in the Okanagan.

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