Nothing says SUMMER like floating or tubing down the Slocan River! While this can be one of the most memorable things of the summer, a little planning can make it a great memory rather than the other way around…

BE AWARE, this is a river with many hazards.

There are rapids north of Lemon Creek. There are rapids south of Crescent Valley. There are smaller rapids south of Winlaw Bridge. There are log jams in place for increasing fish habitat. The water moves quickly. Take a look at the Riverwatch signs posted at Winlaw and Passmore bridges, see below and the map included here for a better look at the river and possible hazards. The safest section is from Perry’s Siding bridge to Winlaw bridge.

Remember, while the weather can be beautiful, wind can be a factor, so always have a paddle to keep you going downstream and to avoid obstacles. The water is cold, so don’t stay in for tooo long. And while the sun is hot, heat stroke can happen. Oh, and bug spray is a good idea too. Remember, if you do get into trouble, go to shore. The Rail Trail runs down the east side (left) of the Slocan River from Slocan to the bridge at Crescent Valley. Houses and roads can be found in all directions. But, there is no cell service.

The River is our pride and joy, please don’t litter it or the shores! Prepare to pack out what you pack in. Enjoy the adventure!

Signage showing access points and hazards along the river: