Local evidence for health service planning through a rural lens

The RER aims to collaborate with rural citizens to provide robust, comprehensive and rural-relevant evidence to inform rural health service planning in British Columbia. The activities involved to achieve this goal include: (1) engaging rural communities to identify their rural health service priorities, (2) synthesizing the international evidence on the stated priorities, and (3) promoting the uptake and use of the evidence into policy and planning discussions in the province.

Take our survey. The RER Team has developed a brief and anonymous survey to learn about rural citizen and community priorities for health services – which can be completed in 10 minutes or less! The survey is available at the following link.

Contact us. The project’s Coordinator, Christine Carthew, can be contacted at any time to discuss the health service issues and priorities that are most important to rural citizens and communities in B.C. Christine can be reached via email atchristine.carthew@ubc.ca or telephone at 1 (604) 827-2193.