SpaceFinder BC is an internet “matchmaking” tool for renters looking for creative space, and spaces looking to promote their rentals.

Here in the Slocan Valley, we have a plethora of great spaces, some better  known than others…and we believe that our region could do more to promote the use of these spaces for artists, performers, presentations, meetings, weddings etc to access~ where ever they may live.

We can even build on the reputation of our area as a great place to be creative!

Currently, the Slocan Valley Economic Development Strategy Co-ordinator, Ron Leblanc, is leading this initiative. We are reaching out to all possible spaces in the Slocan Valley (South Slocan to Summit Lake) whether that is a community hall, a church, a café, a park, or a studio we invite you to take a look at Spacefinder BC and determine if you and/ or your board etc are excited by this opportunity.

For more information contact Sharon at