Telus is planning to install a macro cell site in the Village of Slocan next year, providing cell phone service (4G LTE  technology) within the village and to parts of Slocan Lake. “Telus has been exploring our options to enhance wireless  coverage in the Slocan area over the past couple of years, particularly given the strong support and advocacy from the  Village and its residents.
This type of feedback plays an integral role in our planning process,” Telus spokesperson Liz Sauve told the Valley Voice
Sauve said that Telus will replace an existing wood utility pole at 903 Hume Street with a moderately larger pole that will provide new wireless coverage. “This location was selected for a number of reasons – it will dramatically enhance  coverage in the community, and is located in a fairly open area that will have the least impact on the landscape and  aesthetic of the community.”
Sauve said Telus is still in the engineering phase, and is determining the feasibility of offering internet service through  this new connection, as well. Slocan Mayor Jessica Lunn explained that council received a petition in favour of cell  service and a number of letters of support about three years ago, at the time that Telus was proposing a cell tower in  Winlaw.  (The Winlaw plan was abandoned because of public opposition.) Lunn said that council forwarded the petition  and letters of support from Slocan residents and businesses to Telus.
“Most of the letters of support cited public safety and economic development as reasons for wanting  the service,” Lunn  said. “Many cited the de Groot incident and said cell service might have changed things.”…. “We thought it was important to make sure the lakefront was covered for public safety, and to have the site as removed as possible from residences.”
Lunn said that once Telus told the Village that they’d be starting the public consultation phase, “we wanted to let the  public know, so we did so in the last newsletter. In addition to Telus’ process, we’re expecting comments from the public, and we’ll forward all comments to Telus.”
A comment form is available at the Village office.
Lunn says her understanding is that Telus is required to notify all residents and businesses within a radius of three times the pole height – in this case, a 60-metre radius – of
the proposed tower.
As published in the Valley Voice, by Jan McMurray July 12, 2018