The Slocan Community Library wants to brighten up by shining its newly installed energy-efficient lighting on the Slocan Valley and its local photographers.

The library is looking for 16 photos, preferably in colour, of landscape or nature and set in the Slocan Valley. The photos will be displayed in a revolving exhibit in the library and, possibly, in shared areas of the Wellness Centre.

This is a fame-only opportunity. Photographers will be asked to let the library print one copy of each photograph chosen for the exhibit. The library will pay the cost of printing, matting (if needed) and framing. The photos, to be displayed in 24˝ by 36˝ frames, need to be of high resolution, so that when enlarged they will be at least 300 dpi. A card by each photo will note the photographer’s name.

Submissions of photos or questions can be emailed by Friday, April 15 to