July 1, 2018 will finally see the reopening of the historic Silverton Gallery, a much-loved venue that has been closed for the past  four years and sorely missed. A pro-active village council and the Slocan Lake Arts Council secured funding to meet fire standards and bring the grand old girl back to life.

$400,000 has been spent thus far on heating, cooling and venting systems plus fire suppression systems throughout the  two-story building, so once again the doors will be open for the business of art, culture, art education and entertainment.

The Silverton Gallery has served for the past 37 years as a cultural hub for the Slocan Lake area, featuring dances, theatre  performances, musical entertainment and art exhibitions, as well as many hands-on educational opportunities.

More fund-raising events are forthcoming to complete many tasks; your energy and ideas are welcome.

Memberships will be available for purchase; consider being on a committee to help launch a new era of cultural  inspiration in our neighbourhood.

For more information: visit https://silvertongallery.ca/