Love of home place, dedication, and good works were on display at the Slocan Valley Community Legacy Society AGM May 29. 2018.
Valley Legacy Fund balance was $202,344.
This sum reflects major increases through raising $10,000 on Giving Tuesday from generous individuals, an $8,000 gift from the Anderson Family Trust, and an $8,000 gift from the Mount Sentinel School 2016 and 2017 graduating classes. Once again, the Society is grateful for generous contributions  from the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation and CBT.
A highlight of the AGM was the reporting by the 2017 grant recipients. The audience enjoyed learning about the Wild  Days field trips sponsored by the Hills Recreation Society in partnership with the Slocan Lake Stewardship Society, community food events sponsored by the Healthy Community Society of the  North Slocan Valley in partnership with the Zion United Church, the successful repair of the Vallican Whole Community Centre’s basement by the Rural Alternatives Research & Training Society, and the improvements to the very well-used computer lab at the W.E. Graham Community Learning Centre, sponsored by the W.E. Graham Community Services Society.
The six successful 2018 grant recipients include the New Denver Hospice Society for renovation and remodel of its  bereavement centre, the Slocan Lake and the Hidden Garden Gallery societies’  partnering to create a new Hidden Garden Gallery space, RARTS for the Vallican Whole Art Gallery Project, the W.E Graham CSS for the successful  Intergenerational Cooking Program, the Sandon Historical Society for wheelchair access to the Sandon Museum, and  finally the Corporation of the Village of Slocan partnering with the Slocan Valley Heritage Trail Society for purchase of rail trail safety equipment.