Gaia Tree in Winlaw


Meet the entire team at your favourite neighbourhood Gaia Tree Whole Foods Community Market! This magical little gem was started nearly 15 years ago by Grigg Stone and Eric Twitty, when they were inspired to offer organic food in the heart of the lower valley, in Winlaw.

They they call it the ‘biggest little health food store’ because it’s a small space packed with a lot of variety…from fresh organic, often local produce, organic bulk grains, flours, teas, herbs and spices to all your natural/organic foods, dairy, pet food, personal care, vitamins etc. Gaia Tree is a place where the community gathers around healthy food and wellness, not to mention catch the latest word-of-mouth valley news! Grigg says creating this community space is a reward in and of itself.

Gaia Tree employs eight staff people. Grigg says they’re an awesome team who work hard collectively to keep things running smoothly. This past year, since COVID has kept people close to home, has been a boon to their business. Grigg says that truly, shopping locally is so important to keep the local economy alive.

When you choose to buy local, you support business owners like Grigg and Eric (and their staff!). And our whole community thrives. #shopslocanvalley

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