Handmade Heart

Handmade Heart


“Two things have always been a constant for me – being an artist and being a gardener. Our garden is filled to the brim with food, plant medicine, dye plants and beauty. Most of the art I make revolves around nature, the plant world and my relationship with them.”

Meet Morgen Bardati. She’s the inspirational woman behind the Handmade Heart initiative as well as the Handmade Heart Virtual Holiday Market. She’s a Valley Woman Powerhouse and has been involved in the arts community as an artist, organizer and a teacher of art in schools and adult workshops for many years.

She’s also directed, organized and vended at the New Denver Friday Market since 1995, is the founding member of the Hidden Garden Gallery and served for several years as a director/organize…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for how she’s served the community she loves.

“Inspired by nature, I am very interested in the idea of ‘cross-pollination’ between local food and food systems, artisans and makers, small business and a sharing economy. I believe that embracing diversity will make ourselves and our communities stronger and more resilient. I care deeply for my community and the extraordinary environment we share.”

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