Passmore sits on Highway 6, 15 km north of the junction of Highway 3A.

The Passmore bridge over the Slocan River marks one of the most important mid-valley crossings over the Slocan River. This is the south entrance to Drinnon Pass, Vallican, and the Little Slocan Lakes. Occasionally you will see a Slocan Valley ‘traffic jam’ of a couple cars, kids on bikes, and perhaps a horse and rider waiting their turn to cross this one lane green metal bridge.

After driving up the valley from the south, Passmore is the first place where you really get a taste of the beautiful Valhalla mountain range in store for you to the north.

Passmore’s most recent physical landmark is the swath where a landslide took out the highway and all communications and power for three days in 2001. This laceration through the forested hill into the river is now home to a resident mother bear and cubs, countless deer and elk, and some wild turkeys.

Passmore is home to the Passmore Community Hall, a small engine repair shop, and the Passmore Senior’s Lodge – a beautiful independent-living centre built by the surrounding community for our seniors in the late 1990s. This facility allows our seniors to live and participate in our community in a wonderful building and grounds inspired by nature and the community it resides in.

Beside the green bridge is a park’n’ride lot where riders can take the ‘handy dart’ public transportation to other parts of the valley and into Nelson. Just to the north of the entrance to the bridge is the Passmore Volunteer Fire hall.

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