Raven Acupuncture and Raven Roast

Raven Acupuncture Raven Roast


Say hi to Brendan. He’s the owner of not one but TWO businesses here in the Valley: Raven Acupuncture and Raven Roast in Slocan. Not only does Brendan have an amazing beard, he has a heart of gold. He’s invested in building healthy communities in the West Kootenay by making acupuncture an accessible treatment option for everyone. And he’s really really good at it.

He’s a busy guy. He sees about 30 people a week and he only works 3.5 days. And then he’s got his amazing side hustle, Raven Roast. Are you looking to recover from coffee? Avoid the jitters and the afternoon crash with Raven Roast. It’s a delicious full bodied coffee alternative, and is made up of gluten free, organic roasted herbs. It’s delicious.

Brendan is seriously an amazing person and cares so much about the people he treats and serves. Even through COVID, he has found a way to heal his community, with all safety precautions in place.

When you choose to buy local, you support business owners like Brendan. And our whole community thrives. #shopslocanvalley

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