The Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission (SVEDC) has received
funding of $300,000 over three years from the Columbia Basin Trust, to be
granted to stimulate economic development in the Slocan Valley. These funds
may be used for one or more projects serving the Valley. SVEDC has decided
on a two-stage application process. The first stage is a Letter of Intent: a brief
proposal to determine basic suitability. This letter should outline your idea to
stimulate economic development to benefit the whole Slocan Valley from Summit Lake to the Junction.
Following a public input process last year, a number of economic development
needs were identified by Slocan Valley residents, which will guide our decision-making process.
Anyone considering submitting a Letter of Intent should first review the “Setting
Priorities for the Slocan Valley Directed Fund” report found online via a link on
the home page at

Your Letter of Intent should outline your project idea, how your project will
positively impact one or more of the areas of interest identified in the study,
your track record doing similar work, and why your society, charitable group,
co-operative or business would be the best party to take on the project. Projects
must 1) have long-term and valley-wide impact even if implemented in limited
areas; 2) use local resources whenever possible; and 3) promote collaboration.
Your Letter of Intent should explain how SVEDC funds would be applied in a
multi-year business model. This letter should be no more than 3 pages.
All Letters of Intent will be reviewed and once a fit has been established by the
SVEDC, a short-list of organizations will be invited to submit a full proposal.
Requirements and timeline for the full proposal will be provided to those on the
short-list. Successful applicants will be selected for funding after proposals are
reviewed by SVEDC.
The SVEDC has a conflict of interest policy for advisory committee review which
will be followed in the event a member is affiliated with an organization or business that submits a proposal.
Interested parties should submit their 3-page Letter of Intent via email by Friday,
July 17th, 2015, to:
Secretary, Slocan Valley Economic Development Commission


And/ or

c/o Box 25 Winlaw, BC   V0G 2J0