Slocan Village Market


Say hello to Jordan, the newest owner of Slocan Village Market. His parents have owned the store for over 15 years and recently, Jordan came back from the coast to take over the reins. So now Nina and Tom can fully enjoy their laid-back Slocan lifestyle (hello slow mornings and kayaking on the lake.)

Slocan Village Market has definitely grown and adapted to the tastes of their customers over the years. In their humble beginnings, they employed just two people and mostly sold beer and cigarettes. Fast forward 15 years, and they’re a true community hub with a full market with an expanded natural foods section to serve the needs of their community. The Slocan Village Market is the largest employer in the Village with over 15 full-time employees.

What Jordan loves most about the store is how social it is and how it’s a big part of people’s daily routine. People come to the Slocan Village Market, get the things they need, chat with friends and hang out with their neighbours. And it makes Jordan really happy.

When you choose to buy local, you support business owners like Jordan. And our whole community thrives. #shopslocanvalley

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