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Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society (RARTS)

  • The Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society (RARTS) has served the Slocan Valley since 1971. RARTS serves as a catalyst for new rural projects, its mainstay being the building, maintenance and operation of the Vallican Whole Community Centre and 12 acres of forests and meadows in Vallican.

    RARTS has spearheaded and/or worked in conjunction with local community groups to form the Dumont Creek Burial Society (now an independent society), and the Slocan Valley Seniors Housing project in Passmore (now operated by the Slocan Valley Seniors Housing Society).

    Many valley residents learned their early carpentry skills while working on the centre, and a number have gone on to become skilled trades persons.

    Over the years, thousands of people have wed, danced, mourned, made new friends and felt at home in this beautifully spacious and sunny wooden community hall run by the Rural Alternatives Research and Training Society.

    RARTS has many exciting plans to bring cultural, environmental, and rural educational events to the Vallican Whole Community Centre.

    If you are a cultural organization or band and would like to play at THE WHOLE, or you have interest in collaborating on a program that benefits people to live rurally in the Slocan Valley please drop us a line.

    our website has a listing of upcoming events, and ticket sales.





    3762 Little Slocan South River Rd South

    Vallican BC V0G2J0


    Mailing Address

    Gr16a Comp 2 RR31 Winlaw Bc V0G2J0

    Winlaw BC V0G 2J0