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  • The Slocan Valley Co-operative offers groceries, baking, meats, produce, organics and deli, as well as full-service gas and lottery. Our Liquor Agency has an impressive array of cold beers, coolers, spirits and wines, including chilled white selections.

    Our member-owned Co-operative has been serving this Valley for over 55 years.

    The Grocery Convenience Gas Bar in Slocan Park offers fuel service where we’ll do all the work for you. Inside, we have a great selection of food products, including produce, offering the ever-fresh organic and conventional fare. We support local growers, supplying tomatoes and cucumbers in season, as well as organic produce as available.

    Looking for a quick snack? Our ready-to-eat section offers sandwiches and subs, hot dogs, hot soup, iced cappuccino and slushies, organic coffee, hot chocolate and assorted hot cappuccino and latte blends, as well as frozen treats. Of course, the highlight of the section is our F’Real milkshake maker, churning up a wide array of fantastic flavours, including fruit smoothies. They’re so good, it’s any wonder how the staff don’t walk around all day with one in their hands.

    Speaking of our cheerful and friendly staff, they are helpful and knowledgeable, and definitely one of the best things about shopping at our store.

    We also run a bulk petroleum facility in Genelle, providing commercial deliveries of gasoline and diesel, standard or dyed product. We supply numerous businesses and all the Tempo gas stations in the region with their fuel, as well as residential customers for home heating furnace fuel.

    So come on in, join up, and be part of the heart of our community ~ at Co-op ~ You’re at home here.


    Grocery Convenience & Gas Bar: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM ooo 7 days a week


    Chris Sapriken
    General Manager






    3024 Hwy 6

    Slocan Park BC V0G 2E0

    Mailing Address

    Box 10

    Slocan Park BC V0G 2E0