Evelyn Kirkaldy - WILD IMAGES

Detailed Information

I create my acrylic landscapes by mingling drips, dots and spatters. Working quickly and without the limitations of a brush, I try to express light, colour and movement all at the same time. Spontaneity and a deep connection with the natural world are fundamental to my creativity.

I enjoy surprising my audience by developing various dimensions in my work. From a distance many of my canvases appear representational, but upon closer inspection, they become replete with sensuous abstract shapes. I have a lot of fun with these paintings and feel free to be expressive in my work.

Wild Images studio has moved to Powell River, BC.

After graduating with honours from the Ontario College of Art, I moved to western Canada, spent several years in Calgary and 20 years in Vancouver, working as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director for many prominent clients and advertising agencies.

In 2001, inspired by my new wilderness home in the Kootenays, as well as during my travels along the spectacular British Columbia coast and the Great Bear Rainforest, I focused on creating a large body of fine art. My work has sold in numerous BC and Alberta venues and galleries and my paintings now hang in homes throughout the world.

I love sharing my knowledge and have instructed both children and adults in many disciplines of art and design.