Flying Hands Farm

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An organic farm at the top of the Slocan Valley (near Summit Lake and the Ski Area.)
We are breeders of American Bashkir Curly horses, a rare hypo-allergenic breed.
Making effective, energetic products from the plants that we grow.

If you are facing health challenges, see your doctor.
If you’re ready for a change and a different approach to health, peruse our website at

Since 1994.

Our fine products:
Herbal Skin Salve—for sunburn to frostbite, chronic conditions, burns and wounds that are difficult to heal
Herbal Liniment—for arthritic type conditions, recuperating broken bone, muscle, tendon and ligament stress
Echinacea Tincture—different and more potent than commercial tinctures you may have tried
Elixirs and Nostrums—including colloidal silver and herbal tonics
Herbal Toothpaste— a benign base of sodium bicarbonate, colloidal silver, olive oil imbued with our time tested, synergetic formula made with our organic herbs
Herbal Hydrotherapy—salts and fizzies, for relaxation and fun

We do mail orders worldwide.
Charge cards and a variety of foreign currency accepted through Paypal at our website.
Farm visits are welcome but phone first to arrange your visit. 250-265-4967
Our farm gates are often closed during summer because the horses are mowing the lawns!