Jim Pownall & Co.

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We are a small company specializing in log and timber frame home construction. We have built quality homes since 1974, and our customers are satisfied with both the quality and endurance of our construction. We have become good friends with our clients and offer them as references for our work.
Our working policy is:

* We give priority to client satisfaction.
* We proof our clients’ plans in order to eliminate short and long term problems, especially settling and moving, as all log and timber frame homes do.
* We seek the most economic means to create the effect our clients are looking for.
* We normally stock fir and hemlock; we can get most other species of wood, with adequate lead time.
* We prefer to use seasoned or winter-cut wood, or dry standing timber.
* We can ship to almost any location in the USA or Western Canada.
* We employ only highly trained log home building professionals. We have 20+ years in the log home and timber frame industry.

We base our prices on:

Type of Log
Length of log
Number of notches
Number of shaped ends
Number of windows and doors
Number of arches

Our set up cost is determined by:

Insulation and insulating labour
Tear down and set up time
Crane and trucking to site