KMC Kootrac

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KMC Kootrac is now offering the following industrial services:

  • Equipment Repairs
  • Machine Rentals 
  • Sandblasting
  • Industrial Painting
  • Pressure Washing 


In 1988 Kootenay Tractor (KOOTRAC) acquired exclusive rights to manufacture, market and service the KMC/FMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) Vehicles worldwide. A new company, Kootenay Manufacturing Co. (KMC) was incorporated and located on a three-acres site in the Lakeside Industrial Park in Nelson, BC – Canada.

KMC/KOOTRAC has become known throughout the world as the experts and main supplier of the FMC/KMC HSST Vehicles and Associated Parts, having been associated with the product line since its inception in 1974. We currently manufacture and market new machines and parts, remanufacture FMC/KMC machines and parts to new machine specifications or repair used FMC/KMC machines and parts for any applications.

The “new generation” KMC 1000 and 2000 Series Vehicles are a specialized tool designed for a niche market primarily to operate on steep and sensitive slopes as well as in wet/boggy conditions. The KMC Track Vehicle is able to work in these areas without pilot trails or skid roads. KMC is the only manufacturer of the HSST, low ground pressure vehicles.

The primary design characteristics of the KMC HSST Vehicle is balanced weight distribution, torsion bar suspension and “live” steel track. The forward and rear mounting of the power train provides a favorable weight distribution. Torsion bars, attached individually to road arms, provide sprung suspension – each set of road wheels moves independently, thereby, allowing the tracks to conform to uneven surfaces. The high strength, cast steel track pads, connected with rubber-bushed steel pins, permit the track to flex either way while preventing metal-to-metal wear and soil contamination.

This concept meets current environmental guidelines for timber harvesting as well as other industries such as forest fire suppression, silviculture, vegetation management, utility, mine exploration and biomass carriers. Because of its light flotation and low ground pressure, the KMC HSST Vehicle has excellent ground tractability, resulting in minimal soil disturbance and compaction. It is able to combine larger payloads with higher speeds for increased productivity.

The need for this type of vehicle is recognized internationally!

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