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Kootenay Hydration is dedicated to demonstrating and sharing knowledge about
hydrogen rich, ionized and alkaline water. The machine will produce 7 different levels of water that give you the opportunity to manage your health. The 3 pH levels for drinking are filled with antioxidants that will bring your body back to a state of balance with continued use. Through proper hydration your body will function as its meant to. The high alkaline water of 11.5 pH has anti-inflammatory and cleaning properties . It will emulsify oils and deeply clean everything from your produce to your oven. A strong acid water can also be produced. This 2.5pH is the best non chemical sterilizer there is. In Japan many of the hospitals use this product. Finally a slightly acidic water, we affectionately call our beauty water, because it acts with your natural skin pH to be quickly absorbed and wash away fatigue, tighten pores and smooth/tone the skin. The seventh water produced is a great filtered water. This water would be best used with making baby formula or taking any time release medications.
I would be happy to give you a demonstration and tell you more about this amazing product.