Larry Zaleski, D.C.

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Larry Zaleski is a B.C. Licensed Chiropractor who utilizes Classic Network Protocol. Using both light touch and structural adjusting, Larry assists the body in removing spinal cord tension and nerve interference known as subluxations.

Without proper nerve supply the body’s ability to perceive, adapt, and recover from stressful situations is greatly diminished. The chiropractic adjustment frees the nervous system of tension and allows the person to function at a higher level with a restored ability to express this life force.

Larry supports the Vitalistic philosophy and fundamental chiropractic premise that within the body is an Innate Intelligence that animates, motivates, coordinates, and heals. This intelligence can better express itself when interference in the body/mind is removed.

In addition, Larry offers educational lectures and workshops on the role of Chiropractic, Vitalistic philosophy, and stages of the healing process.