Village of New Denver

Detailed Information

Discover an industrious and progressive rural village, New Denver, BC, Canada. Home to 600 citizens, this active community is situated on the beautiful Slocan Lake, within the Selkirk Mountain Range, in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia.

New Denver, population, about 600. Yes, named after the “old” Denver, with which New Denver shared many characteristics. Nestled on the shore of Slocan Lake, surrounded by the 2,100 m (almost 7,000 ft) Valhalla peaks in the Selkirk Mountains, New Denver is a stunningly beautiful town with roots in the silver rush of the late 1800s.
Originally, First Nations people used the beaches and fished the rich waters of Slocan Lake for salmon and trout. They left behind rock carvings and paintings (petroglyphs) which can still be seen on the rock cliffs that are accessible only by water.
Founded in 1892 by silver miners, New Denver reached its economic peak in the early 20th century. But by 1920, the mining boom was over. After the mining bust, logging was the main industry, but now tourism and independent businesses have diversified the economy. New Denver is a progressive village that values its history and future.
During World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Canadian government sent thousands of Japanese-Canadians to internment camps in the BC Interior. New Denver had a number of abandoned houses from the boom times, and many more smaller dwellings were built to house 2,000 men, women and children of Japanese ancestry. Some of these tiny houses still exist.
The spectacular beauty of the surrounding outdoors leaves its mark on everyone who lives and visits New Denver. The village is a hub of outdoor opportunities including fishing, hiking, biking, scuba diving, water and winter sports. Make sure you check out the enchanting 13km (8mile) Galena Trail which follows the old Nakusp and Slocan railway bed, Valhalla Park and the Idaho Peak Lookout. The Mori Trail follows the lakeshore downtown and a stroll around the beautiful Japanese Kohan Gardens on the waterfront gives you some fresh air, peace of mind, all without breaking a sweat.
Indoors, there is the Silvery Slocan Museum, a designated Heritage Site in what once was the old Bank of Montreal building. The Nikkei Internment Memorial Centre is a National Historic Site which tells the story of over 22,000 Japanese Canadians who were forcibly relocated during World War II. Located on the site of “The Orchard” internment camp, the NIMC contains original buildings, period artifacts and interpretive displays as well as the Heiwa Teien Peace Garden, designed by the late Mr. Roy Sumi.
Artisans have studios, and local accommodation is available to rest your head. Funky eateries satisfy hunger while local stores serve residents and visitors alike. Feeling inspired by the scenery? A number of religious organizations will welcome you.
New Denver is a vibrant community and hosts some wonderful festivals throughout the year such as the May Days Celebration, Valhalla Summer School of Music, Sufferfest and Garlic Festival.
Come on, stay a day, a week, or the rest of your life in New Denver!