Energy Medicine Practitioner - Full Spectrum Healer

Detailed Information

Energy Medicine is the art of healing individuals, at the very core of their being. The intention of Energy Medicine, is to bring a person into internal harmony through the entire system.
The goal of the Energy Medicine Practitioner is to support the client in healing a condition as well as to awaken the client’s passion for living & awaken them to their life purpose.
When the human system is out of harmony, it is felt at the body level as pain, or at the emotional level as anxiety, stress, anger, depression, sadness, or will be felt as conflict in 1~1 relationships. If held long enough, this dis-harmony creates dis-ease, and will over time drain the system of its vibrancy and health.
The Healings that I use, address specific every day issues: physical, emotional, relationships, addictions empowerment & life purpose.

As a Full Spectrum Healer, I will charge, restructure, clear, and amp up each of the energy centers in your system that may have become “blocked” or out of balance. Once your the system comes back into balance, a client will feel a sense of internal unity and peace that will stimulate the immune response within them.

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